Our Goal - is to provide all of the children in our care with a clean, safe, comfortable, loving environment where they can play and learn.
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from Colonie Child Care Center

"... I love all the teachers and the Director like they are family! Our son went there from 2013-2016 until he went to Kindergarten. Now our daughter goes there and we couldn’t be happier! When our son went there, he learned so much and so quickly! Our daughter is saying more and more every since she started in September. She will be two in a few months. Kidz Korner is amazing! Miss Amy was a great teacher when my son had her and an even better Director! She does a great job running the Colonie Center. I would recommend that Center for anyone looking for child care."
~ Crystal – Colonie, NY


"... The staff at Kidz Korner Colonie are incredible and always very attentive to our child’s needs. They are always there to listen and answer questions as well as provide pertinent information as to her development!"
~ Nick


"... One of the things we enjoy the most is the staff and teachers clearly care about our children. We are greeted with “Good Mornings” and smiles every day. It is a great way to start our morning. The facility is always festive and the seasonal decorations stand out to us. Kidz Korner foes to great lengths to ensure a fun and positive atmosphere for our children."
~ Sean


"... When we first brought our son to Kidz Korner he was a little guy with little to no speech and some behavior issues. Throughout the months we have seen so much improvement! He’s learning one to two new words a week and now has manners! Their patience and attentiveness are exceptional! We really owe it to all the staff at Kidz Korner, without them, we do not think our son would excel as he has!"
~ Brit


"... My daughter has been attending Kidz Korner for over 4 years and I wouldn’t want her anywhere else. The staff is delightful and Ms. Amy is a wonderful Director! They I’ve had nothing but positive experiences in every room and age group my daughter has been in. In fact, I whole heartedly believe that the staff had a huge part in all of the milestones my daughter achieved from walking to potty training and learning how to write! I love it there and love everything Kidz Korner stands for!"
~ Stephanie


from Guilderland Child Care Center

"... Since our daughter started attending the Pre-K program at Kidz Korner, she is happier and genuinely enjoys going to school every day! She has made new friends and is thriving! The Pre-K teachers are committed to ensuring the kids are ready for Kindergarten and it is evident with their lesson plans and overall demeanor. My husband and I are so happy and thankful that we make the decision to enroll our daughter into the Kidz Korner Pre-K Program."
~ A Pre-K Parent – Guilderland, NY


"... My daughter has been a student at Kidz Korner for just under a year. I was so nervous about starting care, but the staff put me at ease. They patiently addressed each and every concern and went out of their way to provide detailed updates on her daily progress. I have watched her grow and thrive in this school environment due to the hands-on care of this loving staff. She looks forward to going to school, which, I think is the highest endorsement a daycare could have. We owe a lot to Janice and the staff and wouldn’t change a thing!"
~ Ashley – Guilderland, NY


"... My kids have been going to Kidz Korner since 2012. I have had many great experiences throughout the years. One that sticks our is when my son started at Kidz Korner. I was so sad to go back to work and leave him. He was also not the easiest baby. However, when I met the teachers my anxiety left. Every day both of them gave me detail for detail about his day. I knew they loved my son and it made my days at work easier for me!"
~ Carla – Guilderland, NY


"... The teachers in Infant C went out of their way to help Kate feel include during a birthday treat she couldn’t eat. They brought her fig newtons so she could join in the fun!"
~ Jenna – Guilderland, NY


"... Every last one of Mari’s teachers and staff have been nothing but generous and great to us. They all treat her like she is their own. I am so comfortable leaving her there. Having a new 1st baby, it’s scary to leave there for work and entrust strangers to keep her safe/happy/healthy. However, these are not strangers, they are family to us! Thank you for loving her so much!"
~ Kelsey – Guilderland, NY


"... I enrolled my daughter in Kidz Korner when she was 21 months old. We had no doubt about child care since my son went to the same place when he was 2 years old. The place is pleasant and inviting. Before my daughter started at Kidz Korner Ms. Janice was really nice to have her try the classroom. I felt that it was really very helpful for the transition of my daughter from home day care to Kidz Korner. The teachers in her class are awesome and provide me and my wife updates on her day to day activities."
~ Krishna – Guilderland, NY


"... Kidz Korner has far exceeded our hopes in a child care experience for our foster kiddos. The teachers have shown so much love and patience even when tough behaviors have been daily. Our kids feel safe and so loved here. On top of that, they have grown academically. I would recommend this preschool to anyone!"
~ Kristi – Guilderland, NY


from Guilderland After School Child Care Center

"... Our son attends the Kidz Korner After School Program in Guilderland. He ABSOLUTELY loves KK! They provide great activities and a great atmosphere for the kids. Activities like paper mache, bracelet making, tie-dye shirts, iron beads, basketball, field trips and more! Our little guy has special needs and the staff at KK has been fabulous about supporting him and even developing a behavior plan just for him! The teachers are enthusiastic and he loves all of them. We don’t know what we would do without Kidz Korner! "
~ Kim


"... My two children have been going to Kidz Korner for a total of 10 years and my son is still currently still attending. I have been very pleased with the program at Kidz Korner and would definitely recommend it for several reasons. Their facilities are always kept very clean and safe. I have always felt that the staff’s highest priority is maintaining the wellbeing of my children when there. They offer a wide variety of activities that includes sports, crafts and a homework center."
~ Rachel


"... My two girls have been going to Kidz Korner since 2015. The teachers at both the daycare and the after school program are fantastic. They enjoy watching your children grow and help anyway they can to make sure your child achieves his/her milestones. Communication between the facility and the parent is phenomenal. I personally am informed about my child when an incident occurs through all means of contact. The after school program is awesome! They also offer a summer camp program that my kids love. Lots of field trips and adventures."
~ Ashely


"... My son attending Kidz Korner Guilderland for daycare since he was 2 ½ years old. When he went to kindergarten, we had put my son in the YMCA Aftercare but he didn’t like it that much so we enrolled him at the After School program after a month. He was so happy and joyful and he also got to play and spend time with his friends that he grew up with at the Kidz Korner Daycare. The staff in the After School are also really friendly and teach educational activities for my son. He’s been blessed with some awesome teachers. Miss Emily, the center Director is friendly, caring and energetic. It is always a true joy and my wife and I believe we made the right decision by putting our son and daughter in this childcare."
~ Krishna


"... Kidz Korner is a positive environment; from decoration to the caregivers. The teachers are friendly and caring!"
~ Bo


"... My son is 10 years old and has been with Kidz Korner since he was a baby. We tried another local After Care center and were not satisfied overall. Kidz Korner goes out of their way to help during emergency times when we had no coverage for our son. The program they offer is structured and has helped my sons core values. Thank you Kidz Korner for all of your help!"
~ Anton


"... Our family has been with Kidz Korner for many years. We have a 6 and 8 year old who have been there since they were 3 months old. Our older kids who are now 17 & 18 went there when they were younger, too! Kidz Korner has been like a family to us! They took great care of them when they were infants, they loved them as they love their own kids. Now that they are older, the staff not only have fun playing with our kids, they are there to teach them! The kids are learning everything from the alphabet and reading as well as sharing and good behaviors. The Kids Korner staff has always been helpful and worked with us as parents to help bring our kids up right!"
~ Stephanie


"... My child enjoys his time at Kidz Korner. He has made many friends through the program. He attended the daycare program for years, and now attends the summer camp program and after school program. Summer camp has been a great fit for us because they offer full time hours. They plan weekly field trips in the summer which my child thoroughly enjoys. He gets to experience local attractions and activities. He also enjoys going to the program each day after school. I entrust the program to see to it that he gets off the bus each day at the program. I know that he is safe and occupied for a couple of hours after school. The program also covers half days and non-holiday school closures which is helpful for our busy schedules."
~ Heather


"... Adeline has been enrolled at Kidz Korner since she was 6 weeks old. Originally we selected this facility over the other nearby childcare center because of the physical appears. It was very clean and each pair of classrooms was isolated from the rest which seemed like a good design to prevent unnecessary germ spread. The building was also equipped with an automatic fire detection and suppression systems. After had experienced several weeks in the infant room, we came to appreciate how much love and affectionate care our daughter was receiving. Adeline is now in kindergarten but we expect that as she grows so too will her opportunities in the program. We have no doubt that the years at Kidz Korner more than prepared her to enter elementary school and will likely be a contributing factor to her success until she ages out of the need for childcare."
~ Jackie

from Latham Child Care Center

"... I just wanted to send a sincere thank you to you and the wonderful woman who gave us the tour yesterday, Alyssa. We've been to a lot of daycares, and yours is the one we feel most comfortable at. You both had us at the front door, when you wanted to see and engage with Olivia. You may be surprised that many of the other places did not find that as important as I do. We want a loving, caring, fun, safe space for her, if she can't be home with us, and it seems that you and your team have that."
~ Tracy


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via Guilderland
"... We have been with Kidz Korner since our daughter was 9 months old. The staff is very dedicated to making sure that we always feel welcomed and provide a positive environment. We will be sad leaving after Pre-K. We have gotten to know a lot of the teachers over the years."
~ Jaiame

via After School
"... Kidz Korner is a positive environment; from decoration to the caregivers. The teachers are friendly and caring!"
~ Bo

via Colonie
"... The staff at Kidz Korner Colonie are incredible and always very attentive to our child’s needs. They are always there to listen and answer questions as well as provide pertinent information as to her development!"
~ Nick

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